Where mental resilience and human natural resources are cultivated.

Empowering women leaders to grow their own natural resources and mental resilience so they can thrive in their personal and professional lives.

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My promise to you:

I offer unique solutions for extraordinary people like you! As the dedicated conscious leader that you are, you deserve to be seen and supported in your career and life.  

I specialize in helping high performing women leaders who are ready to live more balanced and meaningful lives. The woman who is a seeker and is ready to overcome her own limiting beliefs to step into the icon she was born to be.

I also host corporate and community nature wellness retreats  in Sonoma County, California, and (soon) internationally, to support the mind-body-Earth connection.

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I use evidence-based tools to ignite lives of purpose, resilience and fulfillment in my clients. My Master's degree in Psychology and Education from Columbia University, along with certifications in Positive Intelligence, have equipped me with a breadth of knowledge and life-changing coaching frameworks used successfully across Fortune 500 companies.

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What clients are saying:

"What sets Clara apart is her genuine commitment to the well-being and success of her clients. She approaches her work with authenticity, empathy, and a genuine desire to see others thrive. Clara's dedication to helping individuals unlock their full potential is truly inspiring, and her impact extends far beyond the confines of the program. Learning from Clara has been both an honor and a privilege, and I wholeheartedly believe that anyone who has the opportunity to work with her will undergo significant transformation and enduring success.”

Bijou Robertson
Marketing & Sales Strategist

"I came to Clara for help with the sketch of a project . She listened carefully and we went from step by step ideas to what is now a reality. She has a great ability to lead you to develop your own ideas and answers to stay focused. She is a really caring professional and gave me the tools to overcome what was holding me back. Clara is positive, fully engaged and knows how to motivate you from day one. This experience helped on all levels, professional and personal."

Aline Leclerc
End of Life Doula

"I sought out an ecotherapy session with Clara with the intention of reconnecting with my purpose both personally and professionally to restore the environment. During the session, Clara guided me through my thoughts and emotions and invited me to stop at certain points where I felt drawn to. She created a space of curiosity and asked questions that allowed me to rediscover why I am so passionate about ecosystem restoration. I think anyone who wants to reconnect with themselves and their environment would benefit from ecotherapy with Clara."

Lara Evans
Land Stewart
Photo of a girl looking into the camera
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How I came to this work

“I was lucky to grow up close to nature and surrounded by loving (and beloved) animals. As a child and throughout my teenage years, I always felt more understood by animals and more free to be myself when I was in nature. This strong connection from an early age allowed me to develop intuitive gifts like animal communication and clarity.

It wasn’t until I experienced a separation from nature, when I moved to the Silicon Valley at the beginning of my college career, that I truly understood how crucial the connection to the natural world is to our wellbeing. For the first time in my life, I experienced depression, and eventually dropped out of college to embark on a deep journey of self-discovery and spiritual healing.

Now, many years later, I am here to support you on your journey, wherever you may be, so that you too remember and experience what it is like to be in communion with yourself and the natural world around you. I have seen time and time again how much healing and support nature can be for us, as long as we know how to listen and receive her messages. I am here to help you with that!”

- Clara Schroeder

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