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Hi,  I’m Clara

Global Leader, Ecotherapist, and Mental Resilience Trainer

My journey began as a millennial-born French citizen, shaped by a global upbringing across six countries, including Taiwan, multiple European nations, and both coasts of the US; all before I turned 16 years old. This uniquely global life experience has made me fluent in 4 languages, and gifted me with a unique multicultural perspective that embeds resilience and adaptability.

Today I am so excited to empower thousands of women leaders to radically activate their peak potential and thrive in their personal and professional lives. As a trailblazer, I collaborate with organizations and communities to lead transformative nature experiences and mental resilience workshops. Previous and current partnerships include Women In Cloud, Microsoft, Aura Health and famous Ivy League academic stakeholders.
Photo of mountain range in Nepal

More about me

Growing up I always felt more like myself in the presence of animals and nature, and I therefore studied environmental restoration and wildlife conservation as an undergrad. It was during my college years that I truly began exploring my spiritual life. I traveled to Thailand and Nepal, where I spent several weeks teaching English to young monks at a Buddhist monastery in the Kathmandu Valley. It was after these heart and mind opening experiences, that I recognized my purpose : “to heal the disconnect between people and the Earth".

I thereafter decided to shift my career path to pursue a graduate degree in Psychology and Education at Columbia University Teachers College. I focused my graduate research on the benefits of using mindfulness and nature in therapeutic modalities, while simultaneously pursuing my mindfulness teacher certification at the Mindfulness Training Institute. 

Determined to share my love for nature and animals in a way that brings profound growth and healing to people, I went on to obtain my professional ecotherapist certification at the TerraSoma Ecopsychology Training Institute in California.

Being equally passionate about cultivating a mentally resilient mindset and helping people grow their emotional intelligence, I also certified at the Co-Active Training Institute. I am currently in the process of obtaining my Positive Intelligence Coach accreditation to become a more impactful leader in mental and emotional health.

In my free time, you will find me catching slow rolling waves on my surfboard or hiking Northern California trails. I now call the San Francisco Bay Area my second home where I reside and lead workshops most of the year, unless I am off visiting family and friends in Europe.

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I can’t wait to meet you,


The story so far.

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